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March 2010  -  Sunday March 7 Nine channels added to Galaxy 19 
Broadcasting : 3ABN English, 3ABN Latino, LLBN
Added : 3ABN Preaching, LLBN Arabic, LLBN Chinese, Amazing Discoveries, Amazing Facts,
more details click here
March 2010  -  Amazing Discoveries to be added to Galaxy 19 
more details click here
March 2010   -   Hope Channel soon to follow to Galaxy 19 
Hope channel has finally decided transfer to G-19
more details click here
February 2010  -  3ABN and LLBN to move to Galaxy 19 
3ABN and LLBN will be moving from AMC4 to G-19
more details click here
January 2010  -  AMC 4 transfers
AMC 4 will be transferring their channels soon for satellite maintenance May 2010.
Winter again
New size dishes available, 90cm, 1 meter dish, 1.2 meter dish.
Where has summer gone ?

Summer Prices !!    System packages starting at $250

Spring is here ! (Hibernation is over)New Inventory on the way !!
Fall is here !

Home Theater and Computers sections to be added.

Where did summer go ??
Spring is here !!

More improvements, and spring time cleaning. Started the Referral Program.

February 5, 2005         New FTA Dutch BVN Channel available.

Little bit of changes to site, improved layout.

Hello Pineapple Express ! (warm wind from Hawaii)

Added a huge number of parts; Tripods, Dish Covers, much more. Install

Now it's cold !! Time for snow

Just in time for the Holidays, New Surge Protectors have arrived.
Either just one Satellite Input, or with both Cable and Satellite inputs,

Brrrr, it's getting cold

Winter time means alot of power fluctuation or spikes. Get protected with a Surge Protector, or even have your gear properly Grounded.
New Products are coming in, soon to be posted. And Product Sales !!

September 10  2004        New FTA Korean (Seoul) Channel 

There is a new channel that has come to AMC4 satellite:  SBS TV
Minor updates and changes made to the satellite listings section.

August 24 2004    Updates to the website

Added a FAQ page, create a comparison of the receivers, tidy up the language section to be more clear, added a pamphlet section, separated the packages from the installation

August 8 2004    Updates to the website

Added some more installation parts and tools, and kits for those wanting to install DIY.

August 1  2004       New FTA Spanish Hope Channel

there is a new Hope channel in Spanish, Hope Esparenza .

July 19 2004       New FTA Portuguese Channel

There is a new channel on AMC4 with Portuguese programming. RTP International