Galaxy 19 Transfer




March 2010 announcement !!

3ABN, LLBN, Amazing Facts, Hope Channel have transferred from AMC 4 to Galaxy 19 satellite.
LLBN Chinese and Arabic, Amazing Discoveries, to broadcast shortly.
Book a realignment

Who is effected?
Customers with FTA KU satellite dish who are currently receiving 3ABN, Hope Channel, LLBN on satellite AMC 4.

What is the reason for the move?
AMC 4 requires maintenance, and their signals will be interrupted.

What is required?
Satellite dish re-alignment (101'W to 97'W = 4' movement eastward)
2) Re-scan satellite receiver (may require adding Transponder TP details)

When is the best time to realign the satellite dish?
As of April 1 (no fooling) onward. Book now.

New satellite parameters:
Satellite:            Galaxy 19  @ 97'W
Transponder:    6
Frequency:       11842
Polarization:      Horizontal
Symbol Rate:    22000
FEC:                 3/4   or Auto



Currently broadcasting on G-19

Satlogo     Three Angels Broadcasting Network @
   3ABN Latino  (Spanish)
   Loma Linda Broadcasting Network @
  Amazing Facts  (as of March 19)
Satlogo    Hope Channel   (as of March 30) @
Apostolic Oneness Network @
  Available (March7) and soon to be broadcasting on G-19

   Loma Linda Broadcasting Network  (Broadcasting Shortly)
      - Arabic
      - Chinese
  Amazing Discoveries   (Broadcasting Shortly)
  Not available yet, may be transferring to G-19
  Global Family Network   (Possibly coming)
  Gospel Ministries International, David Gates


Galaxy 19  footprint