Comparison Between Receivers


  DCD2000 DCD2100 Topfield3000
Main Menu
LNB Setup  
TP Setup
Signal Bar
Channel Setup
Channel Bar
Motor Controls    


The main menu screen should always be the simplest to navigate, it is after all your departure point into all the sub menus. All three are good, however, I do like the PIG (Picture In Guide) so you can still see channel you were on.

Installation is the first place you want to get to, the DCD2000 and the Topfield go into a sub-menu, and the DCD2100 continues from main menu with the PIG. The menu system of the DCD2000 is hierarchical, where as the DCD2100 is more a laid out map to move around, and the Topfield has a cross connection menu system which may include redundant short cuts between menues.

Setting up the LNB and TP are pretty straight forward with both the 2000, 2100, and Topfield, However, the Topfield adding or editing features are not as easy to find when you need them.

The signal bars are extremely important when trying to locate a signal. The 2000 is probably the best because you can do it in the TP setup, or with the channel so you can see the picture come in, and the 2000 has a loud audible signal and colors for the strength. Hands-down the 2000 is the best to locate a signal with.
The 2100 is great also, you can use the bars in the picture screen also but they are small, it's better to use the long bars that clearly show the gains. Both units have fast response time to grab the digital signals.
This is the worst feature of the Topfield, a signal quality of 40% or more shows to be 100% on the Topfield. It is impossible to fine tune the satellite dish with this receiver.

Channel setup, a minor detail when arranging channels. They are all about the same. The 2100 would be my choice for feasibility.

The Channel bar shows up each time you change the channel to tell you what channel you have tuned in to. The 2000 is a long light blue bar at the top, tells you the channel name and number, and satellite, etc...  The 2100 is a small transparent bar at the bottom left corner of the screen, it tells you the channel name and number, time, BUT most importantly the signal strengths. The Topfield bar is across the bottom, and has the same, channel name and number, signal strength (but again the signal strength showing 100% is useless)

Motor controls, if you have a motor to move the dish, the 2100 and the Topfield are the best choice. Both have great controls and position storing. However, I have noticed some problems with the DiSEqC controls when operating both a motor and a switch.

Other options, each receiver has a variety of different things added into it, games, menu transparencies, colors, special searches, etc... Did you notice the color changing menu of the 2100 ?
The most important features are at the back of the units;
    *  The 2000 has a 3rd pin grounded electrical plug, 2 sets of RCA connectors "out", and s-video.
    *  The 2100 does not have a ground pin, only 1 set of RCA connectors, but it has the s-video.
    *  The Topfield does not have the ground pin either, no s-video connector, it does however have 2 sets of RCA connectors "in" and "out" which is great for a DVD player, and it has a 0/12V LNB connector.

Conclusion: all three receivers are great receivers, especially fast responding.
I prefer the 2000 for installation, and the 2100 for it's presentation.

Annoyances: The Topfield has a nice picture to it, but I have noticed when the channel is changed, the audio feed changes too quickly, and for that first second of sound it sounds digitized (as if poor bit rate in synchronizing with the video).
I have also noticed on the rare occasion, sometimes the 2000 remote control will "repeat" the button that is pressed like you pressed the button twice.