Free To Air

FTA or "Free To Air" simply means that the signal is not encrypted. It is legal and free to everyone who wants to watch it.

Just like using a radio to pick up radio air waves, the FTA satellite signals can be picked up by anyone with the simplest equipment. Even better than the radio, you receive pure, clear, digital video. And above all, there are no monthly fee or subscriptions, no contracts to commit to, it is FREE, Free To Air.

Many video broadcasting networks use FTA, to broadcast their programming to the public. It is easier for them to use FTA satellites than to on local cable companies. And they can use both television and radio channels. Many networks are geared to target a specific audience, programs you will not find on subscription cable or satellite; ethnic language channels, religious channels, European news, documentaries,  etc...

The FTA is dynamic, and more and more FTA channels are appearing. Many networks are switching from analog to digital because more people are buying smaller dishes verse the old large 8 foot dishes.


Top Reasons to buy a FTA package:
1) Very Affordable systems, no contracts, no monthly or programming fees to pay
2) FTA is a dynamic, growing satellite industry
3) Superior, crisp, clear, Digital Audio and Video
4) If you are religious, you can invite and share with friends and guests
5) If you are an immigrant, or have relatives, you can entertain them in their language
6) English, Ethnic, and Religious channels
7) Safe Family Television
8) Bible & Lesson Studies
9) Cooking & Health Shows
10) Music & Kids Programming
11) Many, Many Spiritual Blessings

Who Should Buy a FTA System:
1) Anyone who speaks or wants to learn English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Farsi, Mandarin, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic, etc..
2) Pastors and Church Members
3) Teachers and Students
4) Bed and Breakfast homes
5) Restaurants
6) Commercial Businesses
7) Researchers and Hobbyists
8) Cultural centers, Churches, Temples, Mosques